Another view ....

The yachts you see anchored, are mostly Europeans on their trip around the world. Tortuga Island seems to be one of the preferred places of sailors who are cruising the Caribbean Sea. Centuries ago, pirates loved the place too ...

  Sunset on Tortuga Island  
Of course we also had the very nice sunsets which are usual at this latitude.
(you see the 80m Vertical Antenna)
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Ready for the return to La Guaira.

We left the island in the afternoon Sunday, July 13 and arrived the following morning at sunrise in La Guaira.

Our Group

This is our group at the last evening.

This DX-Pedition ONLY was possible due to the cooperation of the VENEZUELAN NAVY and their personnel.

VERY SPECIAL THANKS to the fishermen we met on the island. They surprised us with their incredible hospitality! They assisted us DAY AND NIGHT if needed. When we city-people were too lazy, due to the impressive temperatures there, they carried our HEAVIEST equipment and helped whenever necessary and even when NOT necessary. We will never forget them....

The two Guys at the left are the fishermen from the Island.



DL2GG/YV5 (1997)