YV5IVB calling CQ 10 (without success)

Most contacts on 10m were made by schedule arranged on other bands. Sometimes 10m was very good, but nobody on air. I will take the opportunity to remind all HAMs to listen to the IARU-Beacons. Also here in Caracas we have installed one of these machines. Please listen to them! You will be surprised, how often bands are opened.....
Lot of money has been invested into those beacons and it's a pity, that only few know about their existence.

Abuelo !

YV5ANT very busy in one of our CW-PILEUPS

My very good friend YV5ANT "Abuelo" never touched a microphone on any DX-pedition I have participated with him. He is a great CW-Operator and it's a pleasure listening to him in the Pile-Ups. The older (better) the Whisky , the better the Operator !

Results from a fishing-trip

Due to the large source just behind our shacks, our cooks always prepared delicious meals with all kind of fish.
The guy you see on the above picture even managed to catch some very large lobsters (langosta). But I had no opportunity to take a picture of them.