YW5PI    2012


Here are some pictures of the remains of the British installations which soon will be history:
The fact, that this place existed in WWII is almost forgotten, or kept secret :-)
The wood is rotting and very soon the structure will collapse. Surely they used during the construction very good wood preservers, because it is amazing, how long it survived the ruthless climate of this place.
The shanty will be very soon covered by jungle again, so as we found it on our arrival. Then it will collapse and disappear forever.
  Electrical installation  
Maybe these insulators were part of an electrical installation or even an antenna ?
A past submarine shelter just about 50m away of our location.
Here a short video of our beach. You can observe the small gap to the south; the rest is obstruction for almost 350 degrees.

The YW5OI crew

The YW5PI crew

Our navy guardians
We thank the Venezuelan Navy for their support, which was essential to realize the expedition.


  QSL-card YW5PI