YW5LR    2011


Of course we had also some time for sightseeing of the area. The following pictures are from a collection of several excursions we made during our stay on Los Roques.
  A sightseeing trip on Los Roques  
  Los Roques  
  Los Roques  
  Lighthouse Sebastopol  
The lighthouse Punta Sebastopol (I marked it's location on the map on the 1st page).
  LH Punta Sebastopol   
    Los Roques    
  Los Roques  
On Los Roques are MANY islands to choose from for an IOTA SA-Ø35 expedition  :-)
  Los Roques   
Not bad .... 
  IOTA SA-035  
What abut this one ?

Tiny Islands on Los Roques

Or one of these ?

Palafito on Los Roques

From a pile-dwelling you are able of DXing and fishing simultaneously :-)
  Inside a pile-dwelling  
Inside a pile-dwelling.
Everybody of us enjoyed the warm and crystal-clear water.

Here you get fresh fish an a cold beer  :-)

A good place for those, who like to eat REAL FRESH fish !

Colors ....


Los Roques 


Los Roques beach-runway

Aircrafts at the beach.