We arrived at Margarita Island (El Tirano) after a 45-minutes-trip, where our equipment then was loaded on a vehicle and brought to another port. Later at night we started to Caracas via Puerto La Cruz.
One of our generators carried to the beach of El Tirano.

The village of El Tirano where we spent some hours before returning back home.


Due to the very difficult topography we got not as much contacts as we expected. Our effort was extremely high, considering the amount of contacts. Signals from Africa, Asia and Europe were VERY WEAK, except for some short openings.
The best signals we got, were from the Pacific area and west-coast USA.

I as the (only) CW-operator had an additional problem: The electronic keyer was interfered by our other stations, so that sometimes my text got strongly mutilated :-(

Due to the circumstances it is hard to believe, that Los Frailes will be activated again. So those, who managed to contact us, are the "lucky" ones.

Anyhow we enjoyed the trip very much, we met wonderful people on the island and we won't forget the experience we have had.

A scary night:

One night, YV5IQJ (Victor) had a terrible experience...

We heard a terrified scream and of course everybody got scared. Here the reason: Victor told us, that suddenly he woke up and saw an unknown male "person" moving in a very strange matter.
After the sudden scream, the "object" disappeared silently.
The other persons in the same room who woke up after the noise did not see anything.
These days such things don't happen frequently and most of us had problems to believe the story :-)
But the next morning, after informing the fishermen what happened during the night, they really were not surprised. They even knew, how looks the "ghost" (espanto). They told us, that some years ago a fisherman has been assassinated just at that place. The description of our friend coincided with that of fishermen who knew the victim. The "ghost" already had appeared in several occasions before.
After the murdering the police-investigation revealed, the assassination happened in that room, but the body of the victim has been found on another island.

A very strange story, isn't it ?

I hope, you enjoyed the trip. Thanks for joining !

Our QSL-Card

CUL from the next Island !

2000 DL2GG/YV5