Of course we tried first, to get our heaviest equipment to the rock. This important piece was our electric generator. We managed to get it on the small aluminum-boat for the transfer.

Our generator only a few feet from its destiny.
But seconds later the water was many feet below.

But as you see on the wet rock, the water-level changed very fast. It was impossible to get the generator to the rock. Constantly the water-level was moving up and down.
We waited some time, hoping the sea would calm, but we had no luck. At our final attempt we got into a very dangerous situation and decided to give up.

Waiting for calmer seas, behind us a dangerous rock is visible. The waves were so high that it was often covered totally:

Felsen etwa 15m hinter uns
YV5MHX (r.) thinking to find a solution.

About 1000 ft east of Farallón Centinela an other rock is looking out of the water. It is called Faralloncito (little Farallón). It is probably 10 feet high. Also this rock was once or twice a minute under water.


We are convinced, that the delay of our departure was to blame for our trouble. At sunrise everything was very calm.
A previous exploration-visit to Farallón Centinela 2 weeks before was made in a very calm sea. That trip was made very early.

With a very small generator(s) everything would have been much easier for us, but it was not available.

But the evening was approaching. In the tropics it gets dark very early and really fast. So we had no other choice but return to the continent.

At night we returned safe but very disappointed to our base at Carenero.

Es geht wieder zurück ....
Back to Carenero (Farallón Centinela in the evening-sun)

The photos here cannot provide the REALITY. In the most critical moments it was impossible to take pictures.

The trip was not cheap. We risked our equipment and health.
We had no sponsors, so we had to care our equipment. We could not afford to loose it.

But the next trip to Farallón Centinela is planned.