At 14:00 UTC on Sunday , September 24, we finished our operations and prepared for departure.

Of course we all were VERY satisfied, that all worked as planned. We had no thunderstorm and propagations were very good. We saw a lot of bad weather at all horizons, but nothing happened to us.

After everything was packed, we called our colleagues at the airbase in Caracas and they joined us 30 minutes later with the helicopter.

Suddenly we got a problem:

The transport-bag got deformed due to the extreme heat on the rock and could not enter into the chopper's door.

Eduardo (YV5MHX) at the left tried at least 5 minutes pushing the bag from the ski of the chopper into the door.

(if you click the small pictures above, you get a larger version)

I think, everybody was nervous during these minutes, because the helicopter could not stay a long time static and also needs sufficient fuel to get safely back to the continent.
The second bag and smaller packets entered smoothly and a few minutes later the chopper returned back to it's base.

Now the YW5FC-crew said "Adios" to Farallón Centinela and carried the last stuff, including thousands of contacts in the log, downwards.

The YW5FC-crew returns with the last belongings after the chopper returned to Caracas.

The boat was already waiting near the rock. Our belongings were transported in small waterproof containers to the boat by the owner, who is a very good swimmer. Finally we all (one after one) jumped into the water and swam back to the boat, which carried us back to Carenero where we arrived in the afternoon.

Thanks to the Venezuelan National Guard, specially to the pilots of the helicopter Bell 412. Without their intervention the expedition YW5FC would have been impossible.

Farallón Centinela September 2000
On the right of the lighthouse you see part of our crew. 

Farallón Centinela, YW5FC


Logistics: Operators:
Pilots: Luis Maneiro, Ervin Oliveiros V.

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