All our activities were around the lighthouse. The space was very limited, but it was the best choice. Here we got some shadow, and for safety-reasons all our supplies were stored here.

The power-generator was about 30m away to reduce the noise level. Even so it was quite high due to the birds.

We built up several dipoles and vertical antennas for almost every HF-band up to 40m. For an 80m antenna was no space available on the rock. Anyhow, an 80m antenna would have been more then less useless, because both nights we were surrounded by thunderstorms. We saw rays in all directions at the horizon, but we were lucky enough not to be hit by a thunderstorm. The static level on 40m was quite strong; under those circumstances 80m operation is then impossible.

We were really lucky not to be hit by a thunderstorm which could have been fatal for the equipment and possibly for ourselves.

At night, specially the second, it was very windy. As we were operating in "Open Air", the noise of the wind and the plastic sheets generated an extremely high noise-level, which made reception very difficult, even with closed headphones.
But just 1 week later hurricane Joyce passed the area ..... !!!

We have been on most bands on CW and on SSB.
Mostly we had AT LEAST 3 stations ON AIR. As I was the only CW-operator, the CW-station did rest sometimes :-)

With the propagations we had very good luck, because the days before and after our trip were much worse.
The operation was a bit difficult, because space was VERY limited. At vertical position it was OK, BUT to find a larger space to sleep was almost impossible due to the birds and no flat space available. Some of us slept sitting on a chair or on the very narrow base of the light-tower. Another problem were crabs, which appeared at night and inspected (biting) our bodies. Maybe even worse were extremely small bugs, which also traveled by hundreds from our foot to head
Regarding the smell I can inform you, we suffered very much at the beginning, BUT after a few hours it was easy to deal with it. You should know also, that day and night boobies and frigates are flying above the rock and caused a continuous bombardment of their excrements :-)
When I got home, my family didn't like too much  my smelling. All the clothes, even the unused, had to be washed immediately, because the odor was really terrible.
Definitely, Farallón Centinela is not a place for everybody ....

Greg, YV5OHW operating from our throne with canopy, high above the Caribbean sea.

Ramon, YV5EED below his plastic-roof. Observe the booby to his right.
If you look carefully you see 3 more birds on the right, but due to the extreme level of light, the film was not able to reproduce them !