This picture shows the area of our location.
We were operating from the beach which is located just at the right border of the photo.

By the way, we were very lucky to find the place. Before our trip, some people who supposed know the area very well, told us, it is impossible to get to the island due to the jungle was starting just at the edge of the island.

Most islands of the Orinoco Delta look like the foreground of the above picture. The mangrove-trees are covering the islands and grow until the beach. Most islands have no firm ground, only mud.  An example you see on the picture below. It is absolutely impossible to step the island due to vegetation, swamp, snakes and other vermin.

The trees on "our" part of the island are much lower then only a few hundred meters away. My personal estimation is, that a flood-wave or a strong storm hit that area and knocked over the trees. This accessible beach is the only one around.


The above picture shows the impenetrable "beach" about 250 m south of YW8D


Colorful birds


Our location at sunset.


About 250 m north of us finishes the beach.


Southern bay


Southern Bay


Mangrove-sprouts at high tide.