On the Orinoco River approaching our destiny Cotorra Island.

Just after sunset we arrived at Cotorra Island and we began immediately with the setup of our antennas and radios.

We suffered under terrible attacks by mosquitoes and other insects.


AD6TF and YV5ANT preparing our CW-station.




YV5ANT during the first contact as YW8D


Antenna works

During our stay we built and modified our antennas several times. On the above picture you see a full-size vertical antenna for 7 MHz and a yagi for 50 MHz.

and our CW-facilities in the background




After a very strong thunderstorm several laptops and radios were damaged by water.

YV5MHX and YV5IQJ are cleaning up 3 destroyed computers.


Jig, AD6TF
in a pile-up