After our arrival at the field of Pedernales, the trip continued by boat down the river to our final destiny Cotorra Island, which is located at the mouth of the delta at the Atlantic coast.
The local military authorities provided us with armed soldiers for our protection. They stayed all the time with us.

During the trip on the way to the island I had the opportunity to take pictures  of the "traffic" on the Orinoco River.

The people living in this area, are the Warao Indians. They live on pile dwellings just between river and jungle. Their transportation facilities are homemade boats mostly cut out of one tree trunk.
Anyhow, most of them live up the river where the water is "sweet".
The Waraos are well-known for their handcrafts which they sell in areas were some tourism is present.

In the area we were, no tourists show up, because it is too far away from "civilization".

Near to the Atlantic some off-shore-oil-rigs can be seen ..


Parking lot for Indian boats at the Orinoco shore.


Colorful Coro-Coros looking for food in the mud.


A Warao community on a trip


A little Warao beauty


Abandoned pile dwelling




A native Warao and his pet ...