At the beginning this expedition was quite normal and we felt very comfortable, excluding the extreme heat around noon :-)

BUT after our first sunset on the island all changed. We were attacked by mosquitoes and another very tiny (almost invisible) stinging insect, called JEJEN in Spanish.
(lat.: Phlebotomus papatasii)
Our repellents could not frighten away these terrible animals. So everybody of us received thousands of stitches.
The mosquito nets blocked the mosquitoes, BUT the tiny JEJENs flew through the meshes like through open windows  !!! :-)

Most of us could not sleep or operate the first nigh due to the plague. The best solution to resist the night, was laying down in the water ....

The next day we looked for advice on the main-land and the recommendations of the local people and pharmacists was rub our bodies with kerosene. :-)


Fixing a mosquito net to prepare for the battle against the insects.


YV5EED operating protected by a mosquito net and chemical weapons.


YV5ANT rubbing his body with kerosene trying to protect himself against the insects.

The kerosene helped us to survive the following nights :-) IT REALLY WORKS !
The following pictures give you an impression about the the area around the island:


A view to the south-east in the evening sun



A giant hermit crab