The last afternoon of our stay we got an invitation to make a trip with a boat all around the Island. Later, after our return we got a GIANT-Paella, with a big amount of seafood and of course a lot of "Polar", the local Beer.

During that time, our DXpedition-site was protected by 2 policemen. So our WHOLE crew could participate in the sightseeing-tour.

Here we started our roundtrip
(In the background you see the mountains of the south American coast.
In this area Columbus made on his 3.rd trip (1498) his first steps on the "new" continent (Paria))

A red coastline.

The eastern part of the island, not too far away from the previous picture.

The north-eastern part of Coche.

Everybody of us was very impressed by the beauty of the island and the kindness of it's people.