The skyline of Puerto La Cruz



Resting pelicans at the yacht-club.



An interesting architecture of a condominium built on a rock just above the yacht-club at the
Morro of Puerto La Cruz.



Our DX-group, in a restaurant on the way back to Caracas. 
You see the empty dishes and the tension in the faces waiting for the BIG STEAKS :-)


Comparing to the last DXpeditions it was very obvious, that propagations have changed.
The high bands (24 and 28 MHz) were closed, and also the other bands were affected by the low sun-activity.

So we did not have as much contacts as usual.

Anyhow, we had a nice time. We enjoyed our hobby and the contact to nature.

My personal opinion:
We now have been on
ALL possible IOTA-places of Venezuela.
Venezuela has HUNDREDS of islands but only a few IOTA-numbers. This is NOT VERY FAIR, if you compare to small European countries and their few islands.



The YW6C-crew ...

QSL-Info as usual: via W4SO


Our QSL-card for this expedition.

More Pictures of the Mochima National-Park and other places of Venezuela you can see on my photo-site at TURPIAL.ORG


Caracas, July 21, 2004