Still working hard at the first evening.


The visitors at the beach can rent seats, umbrellas or even some huts.

A small restaurant offers all kind of sea-food, sodas and beer to the tourists.

No electricity is available on the island, so we used our own generators to supply the radios.

The second morning around sunrise I made a walk up to the light-house.:


From the light-house, this is a view to the North-West


The view from above is breathtaking. The only noise were the birds and the waves against the big rock you see in the above picture.

Many beautiful species can be observed as also some brown humming-birds.
Birds here are not very shy, so they can be observed from nearby if you don't move too much.


A view from the light-house to the west.


Here you see our camp with the restaurant on the left. (Location: 10 17' 29" N , 64 36' 20" W)


Our boat, leaving early in the morning to get some supplies from the main-land..


Here you see "our" beach from the light-house. (before the tourist's arrival !)


The view from the light-house to the north.