The following pictures I took on a walk whole Island. Now you learn, what a nice place Cayo Sombrero  really is.
I can recommend this place to everybody, who comes to visit Venezuela.

On the last trips I had not much time to explore the islands because I was the only CW-operator. This time thanks to AD6TF I was able to take some free time and explore the place.

The vegetation is different at each side of the island.

Most visitors concentrate to a small area of the island. So many lonely beaches are available for those who don't like the crowds.

The beach north of us...

Observe the green roof of our tower in the trees.

  The northwestern part of the island.




On my trip a saw a lot of interesting birds (like above). I did not take all camera-lenses with me, because the walk was partly through the water.

The ground of this beach is formed by pieces of coral instead of sand ...