AD6TF (Jig) on CW

YV5OBU and AD6TF trying to fix an interference-problem.  


Our tower just at the beach.

A view to the west. In the foreground you see another island. 
(The mountains in the background are on the mainland.)

Cayo Sombrero is visited daily by many local and foreign tourists.

The water is unbelievably clear and the sand is really white. If you observe the above picture, the boats seem to float in the air, because you see the boat and it's shadow on the ground in the transparent water.

Some tourist stay the night in tents or boats, but the majority leaves in the late afternoon and returns next morning, because at night millions of mosquitoes come out of the mangroves.

We suffered a lot during our night-operation. All of us were attacked by those blood-sucking animals. 
The repellents are not as good as the vendors tell. The electronic mosquito-killers are absolutely worthless.

From our tower:

A view to the south.

  From our tower:

A view to the northwest.

As you see, from the observation-point of our tower we had a very beautiful view
The most exciting girls and women walked a around, using suggestive bikinis and tangas. Sometimes I had to stop the pile-up to enjoy the (world-famous) Venezuelan beauties.