Camping ground on Cayo Sal   A large (5 ft long) iguana in the camping-area  
As can bee seen, the island has very nice places. Anyhow ONE of them has to be avoided.

There is a lagoon, which has "sweet" water. This is the mosquito's base from where they attack, specially in the early morning an evening.

I tried several times to take some pictures in that area, but immediately hundreds of insects discovered me and sucked my precious blood :-)
These stitches hurt badly and my legs got swollen. Still today, 3 days later, my body is "destroyed" :-)



This is a partial view of the "mosquito-lagoon" inside the the island. It has at least 1200 ft of diameter.

The day ended with a nice sunset, but the following night was really terrible ....




Just before sunset, preparing for the upcoming mosquito-attack :-)

Shortly after sunset, a bad weather front approached. Strong winds started to blow from the east, bringing rain-showers and thunderstorms.

The radio-equipment then was disconnected and protected by plastic sheets or containers.
I was staying in my tent which I had to balance it with my own weight. The storm was blowing so strong that my tent got moved away to the west. I could not leave it, because without my body-weight it would fly away.
After midnight the direction of the wind changed to the west. The same story then before, but now into the opposite direction :-)

The wind was so strong, that the raindrops were blown from the side and so the tent did not resist the water and it got flooded. Most of my belongings got wet, except my expensive camera-equipment, which got my "special attention" all the time :-)

My friends found protection in a nearby chapel, because our other large tent got flooded completely.




Chapel ...

Due to the weather conditions, both nights we were not able to operate as planned. During the day we had no good propagations, which is quite normal in tropical areas.