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This is a snapshot from the grotto-shack of the SSB-crew

As an surprise we all were baptized by Neptune and his Gang on the way back to La Guaira. We got something horrible to drink and finished totally wet.


Water-Attack from Neptune's crew (look at our Laser DX-Gun [Secret Weapon])

  The WHOLE crew ....  

This is our complete DX-gang. This picture was taken on our way back home.

So, this DXpedition is over and we are looking for the next one.

This time I got the sunburn of my life; I hope to find some better sun-protection for the coming trip. (maybe an umbrella)

If you contacted YW5LB, now you know, where we have been this time.

Due to 'popular' demand here I add a zoomed version of the above picture:


Because of my extreme sunburn I am the only one with the different shirt (XL!)



QSL via W4SO

1998 DL2GG/YV5