Since some years a few people live permanently (1-month-shift) on the island. They live in a 'monster' called module. The habitants are are some military personnel and FUDENA biologists, who care about the turtles and birds....

Before the presence of the guards, ships from other islands came to steal here the turtle's eggs, and even killed them to sell their meat as delicacies for so-called Caribbean gourmets.

Before the times of GPS and without the module, it was very hard to find the Island due to it's size.

One of the DX-peditions many years ago, nearly ended in tragedy due to navigation-problems.


The personnel lives in these fiberglass-containers ..... (used also for our SSB-activities)


This is a look on the new base, inaugurated in 2004 YV4BOU


The Bridge to the Module (with our Ship in the Background)

The module also is a very good place to rest after a big Pile Up.

  Perro De Rancho  

"Perro de Rancho" (YV5ANE) totally exhausted observed by a smiling YV5DTA


YV5ANF, YV5ANE and YV5IVB (from left)



(with those 2 special antennas on his head he is still listening to the pile-up)