And here our radio-operations:

Here the still YOUNG fellow YV5ANT On Air shortly after our arrival. (YVAA)


The CW-Station (you see aprox. 70 % of the Island)

At this place the island got divided into two parts by a passing Hurricane (Andrew) in the eighties. Exactly, where you see our CW-tent, the division took place. Slowly mother nature is working to put things together again..

View of the Island

Aves Island, Venezuela

Here you can see the narrowest point of the Island ....

Narrow Part of the Island
On the above (already historic) picture you see a small tower in the background. It was a so called radar-reflector, used as navigation-aid before the GPS-era, to find the small island. A hurricane (Andrew) blew it away some years ago including it's concrete base.
YV5ANT operating CW

YV5ANT in a BIG Pile Up on CW (YV5HUJ at the Right)

Once, during the night suddenly our table began to move. The movement was caused by a turtle, which pulled one of our coaxial antenna-cables.
Turtle below the Radio Desk

The sudden Visitor inside our tent (you can recognize the coaxial cable)