Nature on Aves 
The green turtle, an endangered species, visits this island by hundreds to leave their eggs here. Usually they appear around midnight and dig a perfect round hole with their back-feet in about 30-45 minutes and then lay maybe 200 eggs. After then the hole is covered again.

The turtles were not very impressed by our presence. On one of our trips a camera-team of a local TV-station joined us, and they filmed the animals with quite bright lights for a documentary.

Nest-building and laying eggs seems to be VERY hard for the animals because sometimes we observed them totally exhausted and they had problems to get back to the nearby water. As seen on the pictures, the island is very narrow. It was interesting to see, that all turtles came from the same direction, but some of them left the island from the opposite side where they came from.
Once we (4 persons) carried a turtle to the water, because it seemed to us she would die. The heavy animal could not walk anymore. They are very heavy, I think at least 100kg (200 pounds). It happened just before sunrise and the turtles cannot resist the hot sun on the island.

On several mornings we could observe the hatching of the turtles. Suddenly they appeared on the surface and hurried towards the water. It is an impressive, but also a very sad scene. Many birds are waiting for this moment and kill the small turtles by hundreds on their way to the "safe" Caribbean. The small creatures were easy victims for gulls, cormorants and even crabs. It is very hard to observe this killings, but this is nature. Of course we saved as much turtles as we could and carried  them into the water. But who knows, what kind of enemies are also still waiting in the water ...

Probably a very small percentage of them survive to grow up.

I think, only few people had the possibility to observe turtles like I could. I am very grateful about it.


A giant turtle just leaving the water



The animal is looking for a place to build it's nest


Building the nest


Laying eggs ....

The following picture I took at the Pacific coast. It shows a turtle going to die within the next minutes in the most horrible way you could ever imagine. I cannot describe it. 
So PLEASE don't buy ever any product made out of these creatures.
... and now follows the radio-part :-)