A HEAVY pile-up needs a HEAVY keyer

(K3UOC operating from our Phone-Site, because they had the better antenna for that particular band)

Everything has an end, so we have to leave.


The YXAI-Crew of our 1992-Expedition

  Island in the Morning  

Bye, Aves Island, until the next time !

  on the ship  

Shortly before arriving at the port of La Guaira


This is a historical picture !

(YV5ANT looking for the next DXpedition, YV5ANF looking back to Aves, 
and YS1RR dreaming of the pile-ups)








So, I hope, you have enjoyed your (virtual) trip to Aves Island.

Maybe one day you will have the opportunity to make a contact to Aves Island. If you already had, now you know, how YV looks like.

Aves Island as restricted Military Area and Wildlife Reservation is NOT a destination for any kind of tourism !

Somebody suggests in my guestbook, I am PROMOTING the island for tourism, which is of course absolutely nonsense ......

HERE a link to my WEBsite of our Aves Expeditiion 2006  (YXØA / YXØLIX

Here the QSL-cards of the Expeditions where I had the honor to participate:













1999 (DL2GG/YV5)