The following pictures show the area around the pile dwelling:  

Our very busy antenna constructors: YV2IF and YV5ZV


A low-band-vertical and a Vee dipole.


Both low-band-vertical antennas.

These verticals worked really excellent !

I opened the YX0LIX activities on 160m. When I was tuning the equipment the first time to check out everything, I transmitted only once our call-sign, several stations began to call me, even from Europe. I had to ask them to stand by for several minutes, because our logging system was not ready yet.

The reception was fine, even without a special receiving-antenna-setup.

I never experienced something like this before on 160m. Not even on previous Aves expeditions in the months of February or March (when propagations supposed to be better) , BUT with wire antennas !

At my home I am dreaming of antennas like this :-)


The two element 7 MHz yagi on the bridge.


The birds slept very well on our antennas.


He rests at night at the feeding point of a wire vertical. Maybe he got hot feet later :-)

AVES  WLOTA 216:  

The Aves "light-house" on the top ...


The southern tip of the island.


21 MHz yagi ...


The author "shot" by AD6TF :-)


Large black fish near the pile dwelling.