Animals ...

Birds at the North-East beach, near the CW-tent.


Twins ...


Frigate birds


A very noisy sky over YVŲ :-)


Two generations ...


A very shy crab, but I got to "shoot" it.


View from North to South.


Northern beach.

The following 4 pictures show a very large turtle found by some crew-members walking around the island in the morning.

The animal was trapped between rocks and condemned to die in the heat of the day.

Turtles only visit the island in the darkness because of the high temperatures during the day.

After the rescue operation the animal disappeared in the sea.


The turtle already released, but still exhausted.


A really beautiful animal !


 At least 400 pounds were carried to the sandy beach


Back to freedom ...

Every night around a dozen of turtles visited the island to deposit their eggs in holes dug by them.

A turtle at night digging a hole.


A turtle back on the way to the water.
 (guided by YV5OHW)


Observe the turtle traces in the foreground !
© AD6TF)